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I really need to get my ass in gear re: starting/completing the assignments that need attention. I'm so lazy lately and it's driving me completely mad. Hm.

I'm wondering why I've had very little motivation lately. It's very uncharacteristic of me. I'm also eating like a pig lately... it's been showing; believe me. I feel like such a cow. I need to stick by my goals of being an intelligent, thin woman. Not a lazy cow.

I need to finish my application for Study Abroad. I've had both my Fiction Writing and my Poetry professor write recs, so I should be all set in that part. I need to meet with Olson soon... my father has made it clear to me that he might dive deeper into the strange slump he's in if I doubt immediately get him an estimate of the price on this little venture. Oh, joy.

Other immediate concerns include: The research paper I've been putting off for a week (due the 14th) Revising one of my stories for Fiction Writing, revising ~9 poems for Poetry, Math review sheet due the 12th, 270 paper: due the 11th.

Fuck. I feel hopeless. Someone make me do something, plz. I should prolly not sleep tonight. I'm not going to. Fuck that sleeping shit, yo. I'm doing this for intellectuality and all that jazz.
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