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So, every semester I go through the same fit of hyperventilating, all-nighter-pulling, ranting, raving nervousness. Every semester I pray to the academic gods that my GPA won't lower significantly, that the obligatory douche professor will suddenly have a change of heart and prance into the final with cupcakes and lollipops and announce to the class that we all have A's, that my research papers will write themselves, that I can dance and frolic through finals week without a careeee in the world.

Well, that's dreadfully unrealistic, isn't it? Truth is, out of all the weeks in a year, I feel the most out of whack during finals week. That, and dealing with other unsavory things such as family issues, friend issues and enemy issues. *looks around stealthily* *sigh*

When this semester is all over and done with I hope to relax a little before my parents poke and prod me to be productive. Also, I demand a manicure... it's the least I can do for my poor cuticles.

Though truth be told, I'm giddy that summer is coming up because there's so much to look forward to: Friends, the Boy, The Possibility of Excursions to The City, the new Dolls album...

Oh yes, giddiness indeed.
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