~*Delightfully Morbid*~ (vampyregrrl) wrote,
~*Delightfully Morbid*~

He's leaving. He's leaving and my world can't help but seem a bit broken. Words can't truly express how much I love him--he's the only person that I've ever felt 100% comfortable with. I've shared every thought, hope, and dream with him and I am damned if I'm going to let something as superficial as distance separate us.

Still, I mourn that I'll no longer be able to see him every weekend. To be able to fall asleep in his arms, to kiss him and bask in the never ending blue of his eyes, to let him borrow all of the books I want him to read and to watch his quirky movies with him. I know that I'll make more memories with him... As long as he wants me, I'll be his.
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