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School Jitters

Well, I'm nervous as all Hell about starting school again this semester. It's really no surprise--I almost always have some sort of panic-attack right before the beginning of a new semester.

The prospect of social interaction and academic success always frightens the fuck out of me. I constantly toy around with balancing each, but, in the end, it always seems like I sacrifice one for the other. Plus there's the whole living with other people who I don't know thing... that's quite stressful and makes me skittish and shy.

I miss Dante. It's not so much that I can't eat, can't sleep, can't breathe without him, but rather that I wish I could share so many experiences with him. December can't come any quicker. I'm just glad we have the ability to talk for hours upon hours on the phone and it seems like he never left...

In the meantime, I have to raise my GPA. It's not terrible--still above a 3.0, but I want to do better and I know that I'm capable. Last semester was a disaster both emotionally and academically for my life at Southern. This semester, I foresee that my Research course for my Honors thesis may provide some difficulty. Grr. Research. Grr. Thesis.

I really need to write this semester. Poetry, short stories... everything. I've been so dreadfully lazy all summer... writing journal entries in my paper-journal rather than exercising my creative talents. GUH. Bad Robin! Writer's block seems to be chronic--I have to find some interesting (and not cliched) prompts... *makes mental note*

Also, Dante has decided to issue me the challenge of writing more fiction as opposed to straying close to my poetic niche. I have accepted his challenge--but, I'm faced with a dilemma... What should I write about? Need ideas!

Well, I've rambled on for too long.

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